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Vatchala Sundaraparipoornan Charitable Trust, Chennai is a registered non-profit, public charitable trust governed by public trust act of Tamilnadu.

The trust is managed by the board of trustees

  • 1. Mrs. Vatchala Sundaraparipoornan
  • 2. Mr. P. Sundaraparipoornan
  • 3. Mr.R. Raj Narayanan
  • 4. Mr. M. Manikandan

"Save our country.in" is Mr.P.Sundaraparipoornan's vision for the next generation. Born out of concern for the changing society, environment, Indian tradition and culture. We are all well aware that the environment is under tremendous pressure of degradation due to industrial pollution and our inability to manage industrial waste. The damage is causing critical threat to our survival as well as natures and all living beings. This has crippled the healing abilities of our eco – system and now Mother Nature need's our support to perform essential life sustaining functions of all living beings. Our rivers, Air and land are so damaged that we are risking our own survival. We believe that Mother Nature will begin to mitigate many challenges if we support her to rejuvenate. Nature has gifted us with abundance of wealth and healing properties from plants and minerals. It's our duty and responsibility to protect and save nature. There is hope if we act on time.

We at Vatchala Sundaraparipoornan Charitable trust believe that it's our responsibility to work towards keeping the ecological system in balance. Nature will bounce back and restore itself if we craft a new age environmental care. Creating awareness and making citizens involve in this mission is the primary task. Environmental experts, conservation scientists, volunteers, Visual and performing artists will work towards achieving this goal.

"Ask not what the country can do for you ask what you can do for the country"

- John F Kennedy

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