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My dear friends and today's youth of our country!

We have reached a critical flash point at which economic development affects the lives of people more adversely than the benefits it provides. The fresh air is polluted , our rivers and other water bodies are contaminated with industrial waste, our soil has lost its natural richness. Let us wake up to this dangerous alarm and help nature to rejuvenate.

There are several ways and principles that each one of us can adopt and bring sustainable changes to life style and environment. Each one counts .Each one matters. Each one is a King and each one is a Kingmaker.

Why so? Because each one of us has ownership of our Country.

We shall continue to strive to engage ourselves in various deeds that will make our country to flourish. We shall leave it a much better place for the future . In today's scenario of turmoil, unrest and economic turbulence each one of us shall rise to the occasion and act . Role of every individual is important in conservation of natural resource .

Love and respect for nature is the greatest sentiment that will help us bring change in the way we use natural resource , and help protect our life supporting systems for the next generation.........

"Ask not what the country can do for you ask what you can do for the country"

- John F Kennedy

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