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Avudaiyar Kovil Mural Documentation

Research Scholar Padmapriya's visit to this important Saiva temple "Athmanatha swamy Thirukoil”for data collection is a rich resource database for historical studies. This late 17th Century paintings are an important source of historic reference of the 63 Nayanmars devotion to lord Shiva. Tirupperunturai (Tamil: திருபெருந்துறை),known as Avudaiyarkoil, Is a Shaiva temple situated near Aranthangi in the Pudukkottai district of Tamil Nadu. One of the sacred books of Tamil Saiva Siddhanta, Manikkavacakar’s Tiruvacakam, originated from this shrine

The original temple is believed to be built by Manikavasagar in the 8th century AD. It is evident that the temple has been extended in the later years. Manikavasagar was one of the four important Tamil saints of Saivism(Lord Shiva worship) out of 63 Nayanmars (63 important saints of Shiva). You can find the idols of all 63 saints in most of the Shiva temples in South India. You can find four saints among 63 saints in separate shrines or in a higher plat form in some temples. Manikavasagar is one of those four important Nayanmars. 


The King Arimardhana Pandian asked his minister Thiruvadhavoorar to buy horses and gave him money. The minister came to a place named Perunthurai to buy horses. However, he was impressed by a Veda"paatsaala". Ultimately, he attained “nana" (the ultimate knowledge) here, and he used the money to buy horses to build this temple.Initially, only a platform like thing was built and offering office was kept on the platform. The steam was considered as God (Shiva) for him. It is the same platform which still present inside the shrine and the same rituals are still followed. In the later years, Pandya kings extended the temple with beautiful sculptures and pillars. The minister Thiruvadhavoorar thus became great devotee of Lord Shiva, and got the name Manikavasagar. He wrote the famous"Thiruvasagam" in Avudayaur Koil temple.


Konrai tree  is the Sthala-vrikshais of this temple. To avoid the ravages of nature', the trunk has-been copper plated and preserved. Inside the temple there is an idol of Manickavachakar, which is worshiped with  ceremonial rites and rituals. The sculptures at the temple is exquisite. It is, perhaps, the best architectural marvel South India.



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