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Finding Artist Kuppachar Drawing

Padhmapriya’s search for old Mysore paintings during her field survey stumbled up on a treasure of drawings of Artist / draftsman  Kuppachar. They were in a desk at the state Archaeology Library which was not used for a long time, the place was filled with dust and old furniture's. Padhmapriya’s curiosity to peed inside this large drawing table, she cleaned up the place with the help of Pandu the library attendant. To everyone's surprise she found large sheets of Architectural drawings of heritage monuments. She found signatures of British draftsmen and the name Kuppachar. On inquiry she found that the artist was at Mysore. Her meeting with the artist led to the Exhibition of his drawings at CAVA Mysore.

Artist Kuppachar was born to Chandrasekhar Achar and Jayalakshmiamma of Kaveripakkam village near Madras. They belong to the Vishvakarma community, His father was a skilled jewellery designer and artist, they moved to Mysore in 1940's from their native village for better prospects. Kuppachar learnt drawing from childhood. He said it all came naturally for him as he was observing his father very closely.

He joined the Karnataka state archaeology as Draftsman in 1960, he was trained under the British draftsmen. He was married to Punitha amma in 1962, and he has 2 sons Jayshankar and Ravishankar


About The Gallery

He passed away on 30th Sep 2012 leaving behind his timeless drawings. 

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